antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: September 2005
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September 2005

1st Sep    Red Sky
It should be a good day tomorrow.

2nd Sep    Looking Up
Lockers need to be attached to all of the work stations.

3rd Sep    West Front
I don't do shopping on a Saturday

4th Sep    Fairy Cave
Divided Smears, Lunar Landscape, New Route, Rob's Crack and Four Steps To Heaven.

5th Sep    Mug Shots
Graphic Designer, Photographer, Technical Assistant, Photographer, Technical Assistant, Sculptor and Film-maker, Fashion and Textile Designer, Fine Artist and Printmaker.

6th Sep    Behind Glass
Old hand and new blood.

7th Sep    Left Side
We would all look very different if our faces were perfectly symmetrical.

8th Sep    Old Pram
Duncan's Still Life objects.

9th Sep    Table Football
Friday afternoon, and we have been working our butts off to get the new building into shape for Monday and the return of our student body. Time for a break for a bit of rest and relaxation. (Everton play Yeovil Town)

10th Sep    RHS Wisley
Laurie's birthday at the beautifully manicured Royal Horticulture Society's headquarters at Wisley.

11th Sep    Rebecca

12th Sep    Shane Warne
Dispite Shane's magic spin England hang on for a draw today and reclaim the Ashes.

13th Sep    Vegetables
Too good to be true, these vegetables really did look like plastic.

14th Sep    Drawing in Progress
The second year National Diploma and Foundation students are back, and at last the studios are being used.

15th Sep    Chris Divided

16th Sep    14CH
What does it mean?

17th Sep    Julia Swinging

18th Sep    Into the Sun
A photograph of Alan taken nearing the end of yesterday's walk from the Bull Terrier at Croscombe.

19th Sep    Paint Yourself
After Fiona Banner

20th Sep    8.15pm
A late night at college, trying to sort out the Life drawing studio, storing overhead projectors, emptying packaging crates, clearing my desk and sorting files.

21st Sep    Children Playing
Please Drive Slowly

22nd Sep    Mel's Photograph
Mel was in the office this afternoon and said that he really didn't mind if I put him on the web site. thanks Mel.

23rd Sep    Jazz's Bag
Jazz has this wonderful bag covered in flowers. That's Jazz top right.

24th Sep    Sunny Bench

25th Sep    Kate's Stamps
"The Easy" Sign Marker. With Rule and Spacer for Printing Straight and Curved Lines. Patented April 17th, 1894.

26th Sep    Stars %26 Stripes

27th Sep    New Trees
Fallen woodland trees sprouting new growth which grows vigorously from the mossy rotting trunks.

28th Sep    Design Classic
A Birthday Present from Laurie.

29th Sep    Tubes

30th Sep    eight %26 nine
A snapshot of Olivia's Final Major Project sketchbook. She's been in for a chat about her UCAS application.