antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: September 2004
antmanbee anthony felton photo diary

September 2004

1st Sep    Cedar Walk

2nd Sep    Bridge Access

3rd Sep    Hit & Run

4th Sep    Retroactive HVS
Dave and I spend the afternoon climbing at Cooks Wood Quarry (aka Holcombe Two)

5th Sep    Two Swans
On my way home from Pilton.
We've been tidying up our venue for this year's Somerset Art Week exhibition.

6th Sep    Ford Ka
I stop to admire the view and take in the air. It has been an extremely hot day and there is hardly a cloud in the sky

7th Sep    Brown Chairs
We are building two rooms in L-Block. There is a lot of shifting furniture.

8th Sep    John and Allan

9th Sep    Stained Glass

10th Sep    Sofa Shot
The day before
and all is calm

11th Sep    Wedding Party
So many friends
So many family

12th Sep    Rottingdean Walk

13th Sep    Cheetah Drain

14th Sep    Waterfall Painting

15th Sep    Red Phoebe

16th Sep    Becky and Tess
All those interested in going to New York....

17th Sep    Ditcheat Door

18th Sep    At the Show

19th Sep    Road Kill

20th Sep    Post Office

21st Sep    Reproductive Morphology

22nd Sep    On the Bike
Give us a wave Jude

23rd Sep    Happy Birthday
Trish was here too, but taking photographs in a dimmly lit Indian restaurant proved very difficult

24th Sep    Perfectly Formed

25th Sep    Tony's Owl

26th Sep    Plaster Head

27th Sep    Plastic Head

28th Sep    Made in England
Vice in C7 - The Sculpture Studio

29th Sep    Hobbema Trees
On the road home

30th Sep    Thumbs Up
Tom Baugh - Bright young thing.