antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: August 2004
antmanbee anthony felton photo diary

August 2004

1st Aug    Arromanches Beach

2nd Aug    Portsmouth Harbour

3rd Aug    Back Home

4th Aug    Wet Groundsheet

5th Aug    Blind Venetian

6th Aug    Queue One

7th Aug    Reflection Wells

8th Aug    Sunshine
On the moat Wells cathedral

9th Aug    Green Eyes

10th Aug    Green Leaves

11th Aug    Reg's Drill

12th Aug    Terracotta Head

13th Aug    Sleeping Nymph

14th Aug    Red Target

15th Aug    Five Star Tank

16th Aug    Safety First

17th Aug    Eden Project

18th Aug    South Gate

19th Aug    Blue %26 White

20th Aug    White and Blue

21st Aug    Warm Apricot

22nd Aug    Steve's Pool

23rd Aug    Bachelor Barbecue

24th Aug    Wedding Day

25th Aug    England and Italy

26th Aug    Pink Canterbury

27th Aug    Black and White

28th Aug    Cateye Cordless
My time for the 24mile road route.

29th Aug    Our Kelly

30th Aug    Ripped and Torn

31st Aug    Cows Crossing
The first day back at college. There is no rush, the cows can take as long as they like.