antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: July 2005
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July 2005

1st Jul    Amnesty International
'Control the Arms Trade' Photo Petition

2nd Jul    Live Eight
By the pond, in a beautiful garden overlooking the Somerset levels.

3rd Jul    Drawing Pins

4th Jul    Packing up

5th Jul    Pat %26 Tom
Two plaster heads made many years ago and not bettered to this day.

6th Jul    Apple Tree
A blast from the past..Maria has just taken over the Apple Tree. We all wish her the very best of luck.

7th Jul    Upside Down
Packing up L-Block ready for the move.

8th Jul    Meindert Hobbema
Trees planted along Street Drove in recognition of Hobbema's wonderful painting. - The Avenue at Middelharnis painted in 1689 and on show in the National Gallery - London.

9th Jul    Goblin Combe
Dave on Necromancer, or was it Gondolin? Our first day on 'proper' vertical rock since 23rd March 2003.

10th Jul    Ruin
Planning permission has been granted.

11th Jul    Dave's View
Another photograph from last Saturday's trip to Goblin Combe. Steep rock on a beautifully sunny day.

12th Jul    Lunchtime Barbecue
Chris tries to find a bit of shade against the 'Mediterranean' heat.

13th Jul    B 205
"Clear your desks, your moving to E-Block"

14th Jul    B 203
Just how many hours of my life have been spent teaching in this room? Don't even think about it Anthony!

15th Jul    On Loan
While the ceramics department pack themselves into moving crates a number of the larger pieces take up temporary residence in our garden.

16th Jul    Chris %26 Jude
At the first of today's two barbecues.

17th Jul    One for Harriet
A quiet day at home recovering. I bet it was good at the beach today.

18th Jul    Weir
Back on the bike, it hasn't rained for days now and the water at the Fenny Castle flow measuring station is crystal clear.

19th Jul    Reflection
It looks like I've got a huge earring.

20th Jul    Late Night Collage

21st Jul    Black %26 Yellow
Gates in Stoke St Michael.

22nd Jul    Wheely-Bin
I'm running out of suitable stones of the right size and shape to complete this building project.

23rd Jul    Which Way ?
On a walk to Firle Beacon

24th Jul    Simon %26 Jude

25th Jul    Wilton Church
On our return journey from Lewes

26th Jul    Bector Wood Quarry
Steve makes fairly light work of the first roof of Crocker Free Zone HVS 5b/c. (Holcombe)

27th Jul    Wedding Anniversary
I guess most people who have visited @ Bristol have taken a similar photograph.

28th Jul    Without Glasses
Its a painting, its a photograph, its a photoshopped image. Its me without glasses.

29th Jul    Rev is Disp

30th Jul    Raining Again
Waiting for a bus in Glastonbury.

31st Jul    Pit Stop
The Hungarian Grand Prix comes to the Watchwell Drove.