antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: July 2004
antmanbee anthony felton photo diary

July 2004

1st Jul    Wild Man

2nd Jul    Division Rhyne

3rd Jul    Jump Drive

4th Jul    Marin Muirwoods

5th Jul    Basking Butterfly

6th Jul    Blue Cross

7th Jul    John Periam

8th Jul    Afternoon Play

9th Jul    Sixteen Squares

10th Jul    Red %26 Yellow

11th Jul    Priest's Row

12th Jul    City Sewers

13th Jul    Fag Butts

14th Jul    William Kennett

15th Jul    Lily Visits

16th Jul    Rear End

17th Jul    Butleigh Cross

18th Jul    Off Road

19th Jul    The Nets

20th Jul    Portsmouth Harbour

21st Jul    Falaise France

22nd Jul    Chartres Cathedral

23rd Jul    Fontainbleau Gardens

24th Jul    Pompidou Centre

25th Jul    Tour de France

26th Jul    French Vernacular

27th Jul    Troyes Facade
We spend our wedding anniversary in Troyes. We sip champagne.

28th Jul    de Poisson

29th Jul    Dom Perignon

30th Jul    Vernon House

31st Jul    Giverny Waterlilies