antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: June 2005
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June 2005

1st Jun    Paper Work
Integrating Theory and Practice
Knowledge and Understanding
Personal Development
Manipulation and Translation

2nd Jun    Wild Garlic
Its that time of the year.
Who would wish to be anywhere else?

3rd Jun    Job done
The final twenty quarry tiles were laid yesterday - job done.

4th Jun    Ananas Comosus
Pineapple on it's side.
Buy one get one free.

5th Jun    Shed Man
I spent the day in and out of the shed dodging the constant showers. Spot Henry the vacuum cleaner.

6th Jun    Hostas
The Hostas look really good this year.

7th Jun    The Parable of the Seeds
Duncan and I spent the morning helping Flic reposition her Parable Installation

8th Jun    Sunglasses
Last night was a girl's night.
Trish tucks into the Karachi Krunch

9th Jun    Too Contrived
Planned so carefully as to seem unnatural; artificial, forced (the plot seemed contrived).

10th Jun    Dorcas %26 Sarah
Contemplating the display cabinet.

11th Jun    Poppies
The early morning sun catches the newly opened poppies.

12th Jun    Up The Tor
I decided to take a walk up Glastonbury Tor to see what they have been doing. The new bright white concrete path was not as photogenic as this little girl playing hide and seek.

13th Jun    Private View
Sophie and Tom pause for a photograph on their way around the End of Year exhibition.

14th Jun    Stitched Body
An award winning piece of stitched Textiles

15th Jun    Open Evening
Tom, Alan, Anthony, Pauline, Chris, Duncan, Sarah, Jenny.

16th Jun    Ceramic Goat
Part of Michelle's Final Major Project.

17th Jun    Judgement Day
External Examination of the Foundation Course. Well done everybody!

18th Jun    Rockham Bay
A weekend away - camping in North Devon. It is a beautiful hot and sunny day.

19th Jun    Croyde Bay
Perfect surfing conditions and the sea is heaving, there must have been over a hundred surfers in the water this morning.

20th Jun    Black %26 White
This piece was probably commissioned by someone at the cinema in Barnstable

21st Jun    Telephone 01.......
Butleigh School

22nd Jun    Terri's Heads

23rd Jun    Heated Curlers
What a strange world we live in.

24th Jun    Old %26 New
Chelsea College of Art and Design Degree Show 2005. Its the first show in the 'new' building.

25th Jun    Coldplay Glastonbury
What a day its been at Pilton today - Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, New Order and Coldplay - Amazing.

26th Jun    Sunny Sunday
A view of the whole site on Sunday afternoon

27th Jun    Distant Memory
Saturday afternoon in the field overlooking the pyramid stage. So many people photographed this chair' I was just thinking "What happens to all those other images?"

28th Jun    GVS 874
Red 1941 Plymouth

29th Jun    New Building
John, Tom, Alan, Jenny, Sarah, Chris and David

30th Jun    Pilgrim
Sculpture by David Backhouse in the gardens of the Bishop's Palace Wells Cathedral