antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: May 2005
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May 2005

1st May    pieminister manifesto
"pieminister pies are lovingly produced by hand, using only the finest ingredients."

2nd May    Bottle %26 Skull

3rd May    Strangled Oak
I think my miniature oak tree has been strangled to death. Such a pity I loved this plant!

4th May    Afternoon Session
The A-level exams have come to an end and we are able to offer life drawing once again.

5th May    Polling Station
I know, Its too obvious. I know, Its really boring. I know, but we do have democracy which is more than they have in Somalia.

6th May    New Bronze
Bronze by Beth Carter

7th May    Yeovil Town
Is it really possible that Yeovil Town Football Club will get automatic promotion for the second year running......................? YES THEY DID...............................!

8th May    Jive Talkin'
Back on the Rock again

9th May    8.40 pm
A late night at college, time to return to the crashed Apple.

10th May    Hue and Saturation

11th May    In the Ditch
Bass speaker blown clean out the back.

12th May    Two Five Three
Museum Dolls

13th May    Big Painting
Olivia has started on Luke's jeans

14th May    Wheelbarrow
Abandoned on the old railway line

15th May    Hockney Pool
National Open Garden Scheme

16th May    Oldsmobile

17th May    Prague 428

18th May    The Final Session
This was my quick drawing from the final session of Life Drawing this year

19th May    St.Nicholas Cottage
5.30pm and we are waiting for the man from Ian Jeanes Estate Agents to arrive.

20th May    No Entry
We start the process of getting the studios prepared for the End of Year Show.

21st May    Man of the Match
Wayne Rooney was voted Man of the Match in today's FA Cup final. Manchester United woz robbed.

22nd May    Grey Day

23rd May    Message in a Bottle
A request from Mark Noble for his End of Year Assignment: 'The Sea'.

24th May    Critique in C7
Liv, Flic, Luke, Shelley, Dan and Lil.
Photographic credit to Chris Loughran.

25th May    Liverpool Football Club
I know, I know, I'm watching far too much football on television, but what a match, what drama and what a result !

26th May    Yellow Line

27th May    Glasses Glasses Glasses
The first really hot day of the year.
An impromptu barbecue

28th May    Red Star
Another visit to Wells Reclamation.

29th May    Bob's Crack
Fairy Cave Quarry
Slab climbing at its most enjoyable.

30th May    Quarry Tiles
15 Quarry tiles does not look like a great deal of work for a bank holiday Monday, but somehow I managed to spend eight hours on this job !

31st May    Ha Ha
A trip to Bath
A pint of Stella
Another steak sandwich in Ha Ha.
See 19th March 2005.