antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: February 2005
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February 2005

1st Feb    Trish %26 Krusovice
Clare's Birthday Meal
She couldn't make it!
Trish did though

2nd Feb    Minsky's
Minsky's have moved and its time I had my hair cut.

3rd Feb    Road Sign

4th Feb    Small Portrait

5th Feb    Strode Theatre
The Manchurian Candidate:
Denzel Washington
Meryl Streep
Liev Schreiber
John Voight

6th Feb    Green %26 White
Discarded plastic pipe thrown into the Rhyne near Backwear Farm
The ride takes
1 hour 33 minutes

7th Feb    Pink & Black

8th Feb    Morlands Interior

9th Feb    Myrtle's Tree

10th Feb    Trull one Mile

11th Feb    Ceramic Tattoo
One of Luke's three
ceramic tattoos.
Another solution to Mass Produced Urban Culture.

12th Feb    New Building
Strode College has a new building under construction. The art department will occupy the top floor.

13th Feb    Water Levels
On the left Saturday
On the right Sunday

14th Feb    Nil by Mouth

15th Feb    Oxygen
A colourless tasteless odourless gaseous element.

16th Feb    Wash Your Hands
The sink was in my space and there was a lot of hand washing going on

17th Feb    Trailer Stencil
Paul Helps
Landscaping Ltd
Big enough to cope
Small enough to care

18th Feb    Red Ladder

19th Feb    Red Rose

20th Feb    In the Garden
Did I ever say that the Primrose is my favourite flower?

21st Feb    Frost Protected
The Aspidistra has taken shelter from the frost in the garden shed.
It looks to me like the shed could do with a spot of spring cleaning

22nd Feb    Two Figures
Raku fired ceramics by Sally MacDonell

23rd Feb    London Assembly Building
I'm doing more illustration.
This from the south bank of the Thames.
The original photograph taken on the 9th July 2002.

24th Feb    Bee Bee
We were promised snow.
We got drizzle.

25th Feb    Street Furniture

26th Feb    Street Performers
You get a better class of musical instruments on the streets of Wells

27th Feb    Steering Wheel
On the road to Glastonbury.
Consumed by fire.
Smashed by vandals.

28th Feb    Paint Spillage
The strange thing is that the box was always this way up, and the paint appears to drip sideways