antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: December 2005
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December 2005

1st Dec    True Crime

2nd Dec    Love Hearts
Ellie's textile piece

3rd Dec    Too Fast !
We have had a great deal of rain during the past 24 hours.

4th Dec    Godney Road
Ashton Rhyne (Drain), West Backwear

5th Dec    Public Footpath

6th Dec    Public Convenience

7th Dec    George %26 Pilgrim

8th Dec    Saddle %26 Golf
First year A-level assessment day. This painting is by Heather who is mad about horses.

9th Dec    Big Doll
The Assessments continue. Michelle's response to the 'Games People Play' assignment brief is this huge doll. She hasn't got a name yet !

10th Dec    Otodate Bristol
One of Akio Suzuki's 'listening spots outside the Arnolfini in Bristol. The symbol is derived from a sketch that Suzuki made of John Cage's ears.

11th Dec    Into the Sun
It has been misty all day

12th Dec    Brick Wall
I think I've hit one, I need a holiday !

13th Dec    Red %26 Yellow
I spend all day assessing the 'Games People Play' Assignment.

14th Dec    Textiles Workshop

15th Dec    Kerry's Canvas

16th Dec    Joe, Ross %26 Joe
'Bright Lights Big City'

17th Dec    Wells Cathedral
Today we drop in to Wells and get to see Freddie Cameron who is just a few days old. The Cathedral is always good for a Blog.

18th Dec    Santa Flying
We decorate the tree.

19th Dec    Two Horses

20th Dec    Fast Asleep
Frederick George Reginald Cameron.

21st Dec    Reflexologists
First photograph with the Canon EOS 300D. Taken at the Reflexologists Xmas lunch

22nd Dec    Christmas Card
To some of you this image will mean Zilch! To others it will make sense within a few days, and to some you already know what it is all about.

23rd Dec    Cement Mixer
Photographed in Meare on my thirty two mile bike ride delivering greetings cards

24th Dec    Contre-jour
Trish, Jill and Jude on the walk to Stourhead

25th Dec    Glastonbury Tor
Christmas Day is bright and sunny, but the wind always blows cold on the Tor.

26th Dec    Two Heads

27th Dec    By Way
Someone rescued Churchill from the ditch

28th Dec    G.J.Symes
Electrical Contractors for all Electrical Installations & Maintenance.

29th Dec    Pultney Bridge
A visit to Bath

30th Dec    Skid Shovel Grill

31st Dec    Dave %26 Sam
Andy & Juliet do the starter, Jude & I do the main and Sam & Dave provide the pud. Happy New Year.