antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: December 2004
antmanbee anthony felton photo diary

December 2004

1st Dec    Dave in the Sun

2nd Dec    Brut Imperial

3rd Dec    First Frost

4th Dec    First Fire

5th Dec    Mellow Sounds
A pint of Red Stripe and some mellow jazz. Lunchtime at the Wookey Hole Inn
Adrian on double bass.

6th Dec    Life-Drawing Studio
All we need now is for the model to turn up.

7th Dec    Lock Up
8.00pm and the college duty caretaker is on his rounds.

8th Dec    Drawing Critique
Chris in full flight.

9th Dec    Golden Santa
Thursday is late night shopping in Clarks Village

10th Dec    Cher's Self Portrait
Deconstruction and Reinterpretation Critique.

11th Dec    Three Ducks

12th Dec    Two Chickens
Its the same old twenty-four mile bicycle ride, at the same time of day, in the same field, just different birds.

13th Dec    130 Dollars

14th Dec    Upper Midtown Manhattan
New York
Strode College Art & Design study trip
Thirty-nine students and five staff

15th Dec    Statue of Liberty
The Weather is being very kind to us

16th Dec    Ground Zero

17th Dec    Strawberry Fields
Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
Its getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me

18th Dec    Yellow Cabs
At Pennsylvania Station on 8th Avenue

19th Dec    Queensboro Bridge
The journey begins in Manhattan and ends in Butleigh

20th Dec    Van Gogh Chair

21st Dec    Seasonal Edition
Walkers Sensations
Seasonal Edition
Honey Roasted Ham
Flavour Crisps

22nd Dec    Black %26 White
Back on the bike.
Very windy.
The Fields are wet.
The Rhynes are full.

23rd Dec    Dinner Party
Party Poppers
Christmas Crackers
Silly Hats
Corny Jokes
Sparkling Wine
Mango & Brie
Chicken & Rice
Vegetable Moussaka
Lemon Cheesecake
Cheese & Coffee

24th Dec    Dead %26 Plucked
We collect our Turkey
'Dead & Plucked'
from a local farm here in the village

25th Dec    Glastonbury Tor
The Turkey is in the oven and there is just time for the traditional stroll up to the top of the Tor.

26th Dec    Anonymous Sculptures
Homage to
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Photographed on the Wells to Shepton road.

27th Dec    Halfway House

28th Dec    Bath House

29th Dec    Humane Capture

30th Dec    West Bay

31st Dec    Dust My Broom