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November 2005

1st Nov    Suspended an almost invisible spider's thread.

2nd Nov    Orange %26 Green
The acers have lost their leaves earlier than usual this year.

3rd Nov    Mistle Thrush
My critics are saying that there are not enough illustrations on these pages. So this one is for them!

4th Nov    Swedish Bicycles
A wet and windy bike ride (24miles) I took my camera and even photographed a rainbow, but it was hardly worth putting up. So here is another Blog for all those ex-students now living in Cheltenham and Falmouth.

5th Nov    60 63 66 69
A whole day in the life-drawing studio.

6th Nov    High Time
I decide to compose today's illustration while listening to the second half of the match from Old Trafford. Manchester United beat Chelsea one nil. High Time Jose Mourinho's team were beaten.

7th Nov    Glass Recycling
Morrisons Car Park

8th Nov    Distr.......

9th Nov    Counter Culture
My thanks go out to Jenny for taking the photographs and painting the original canvases.

10th Nov    Behind Glass
Anna at the Atkinson Gallery.

11th Nov    Megan's Elephant

12th Nov    Nine Pebbles

13th Nov    Saddam's Chamber

14th Nov    Staff Development Day
'Constructivist Teaching' - 'Evidence Based Practice' - 'Non-Linguistic Representations' 'A Really Beautiful Sunset'

15th Nov    Big Numbers
Please don't ring them !

16th Nov    NATFHE
Further Education College Lecturers are currently paid 13% less than School Teachers.

17th Nov    First Fire
Last year we didn't light the fire until December 4th. Is the promised cold winter on its way?

18th Nov    Six Flies

19th Nov    Frosted Window

20th Nov    Two Cows

21st Nov    Still freezing

22nd Nov    More Red Wine?

23rd Nov    Sophie %26 Kate

24th Nov    Kate's Collage
"Games People Play"

25th Nov    Cigarette %26 Hand

26th Nov    Meubles
Yes you are right it is an old photograph. Sunday 25th July 2004 - We were in Montereau waiting for the Tour de France to pass.

27th Nov    Guard Dog
Photographed in Meare on my early morning cycle ride. A new route today, only 20 miles but a few more hills. (Well bumps on the levels really)

28th Nov    The Somerset Levels

29th Nov    Wizard of Oz

30th Nov    Naked Dave
Tonal Drawing