antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: November 2004
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November 2004

1st Nov    Old Ivy

2nd Nov    Trolley Park
A sore throat necessitates a late visit to Sainsbury's for medication.

3rd Nov    Box Handle
Having just finished my subject references I look around the life drawing studio for inspiration...

4th Nov    Odd Head
For years the head of our skeleton has been missing and we have had to improvise. Today we got a new head and this strange sight will no longer be a part of the college environment.
I feel a bit sad really.

5th Nov    Butleigh Bonfire
Not a really spectacular fireworks display, but well worth coming out for. ?3.00 well spent.

6th Nov    Fifty-Five
They are selling poppies in the car park at B&Q

7th Nov    Broken Windows

8th Nov    Motorcycle Diaries
Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara (Che) set out on a student adventure from Buenos Aires in January 1952.

9th Nov    Spice Rack

10th Nov    Life Drawing
A new life model.
This drawing was made in just two
and a half hours
by Olivia Franklin.

11th Nov    Open Evening
The calm before the storm.
Strode College Open Evening. One of the busiest sessions we have ever had. Tom, Duncan, Anthony and Ros in the office.

12th Nov    Cher's Bride
The Disposable Bride
The Object of his affection.

13th Nov    Glastonbury Carnival

14th Nov    Poached Eggs on Toast

15th Nov    Screenprinting Inks
Today I printed the first two colours of this years Chritmas card

16th Nov    Respiration: Method 1

17th Nov    B&Q
It gets dark so soon

18th Nov    New Head
...and here she is
with her new head.
See entry for the
4th Nov. 2004

19th Nov    Children in Need
This man tells me that he was married five weeks ago today. It is the second evening he has spent cheerfully greeting customers at the entrance of Safeway with his Children in Need collection bucket and blue wig.

20th Nov    Wells Cathedral
Even though it rained constantly all day I did manage to get out on my bike and cycle to Wells and back.

21st Nov    White Smoke
Martin is in his garden and although everything is soaking wet after yesterday's rain he decides to have a bonfire.

22nd Nov    Five to Eight
Five to eight and two more colours have successfully been added to this year's Christmas card. I know it's not very Christmassy , but has it ever been?

23rd Nov    Red Two Step Ladder

24th Nov    Pirana

25th Nov    Old Door

26th Nov    Kristian & Jon
Friday evening in the painting studio. Kristian is painting his grandmother while Jon looks up at the camera.

27th Nov    Under the Bridge
The bridge at the Fenny Castle Measuring Station. Fifteen miles done and nine to go.
A convenient place to stop, have a drink and eat a piece of fruit.

28th Nov    Wasp Nest

29th Nov    Plant & Painting

30th Nov    Two Cones
The powers that be have decided that the old bridge at Godney need to be replaced. So the cones stand guard and the diversion is in place.