antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: October 2005
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October 2005

1st Oct    OFF 381
Waiting for the happy couple - Shapwick church.

2nd Oct    Ford

3rd Oct    Upside Down

4th Oct    Sitting on the Bench

5th Oct    Circles %26 Circles
First Year Graphic Design Computers in Art Selection Tools.

6th Oct    Drum %26 Ninja

7th Oct    Water - Water

8th Oct    England 1 Austria 0
After an unconvincing win I am in the kitchen cooking up a traditional Bolognaise sauce with added red kidney beans...Yummy.

9th Oct    Wells Underpass
A new piece of stencil graffiti has appeared just outside the city of Wells...What would Eddie Adams think?

10th Oct    Sinks %26 Sinks

11th Oct    Air Ambulance

12th Oct    Red %26 White
Morrisons car park Glastonbury.

13th Oct    Joe's Painting
At the end of the day the studio is cold and empty ..... Well actually its been far too hot up here all this week. (In fact its been tee-shirt temperature).

14th Oct    George Longley
Painted on an old tarpaulin and inspired by a visit to Weymouth harbour. Or was it Poole?

15th Oct    East Lydford
Derelict church with tower

16th Oct    Bright Green

17th Oct    Life Drawing
Suzanne (Stripes), Georgia (with Water), Kerry (Wrist Bands), Laura (Mauve Top), Anna (Yellow Belt) and Matthew (Hidden).

18th Oct    Blue Cross
...and I said to Duncan "I havn't taken a single photograph today". Then I spot this on the pavement right next to my car.

19th Oct    Huish Episcopi
A rare visit to the pub with my old mate Chris.

20th Oct    9.00pm Reflection
Another late night at college and as I leave I realise I havn't taken a photograph today. I pause on the stairs, open my case and take out my camera.

21st Oct    Blue %26 White

22nd Oct    Green Crane
Storm clouds approach Street from the West.

23rd Oct    Keith's Roller
Sunday lunch with Val and Keith at The Almonry in Muchelney.

24th Oct    Pigeon-holes
8.30pm and another late night at college. I put my requests for subject references into the staff pigeon-holes. What an exciting life I lead.

25th Oct    In the Lift
Harriet is taking a cardboard box home to play with.

26th Oct    Plumb Lines

27th Oct    Catty %26 Campin
'Noname' the cat from across the road, and Robert Campin's Portrait of a Woman painted about 1430.

28th Oct    Kerry's Head
Foundation - Assessment Day.

29th Oct    Red Doors
I cycle out to Blackford a thirty mile round trip.

30th Oct    Monument
I spent much of the day lagging part of the loft space.

31st Oct    Alison Lapper Pregnant
A day in London - Self Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery, Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec at the Tate and The Turner Prize.