antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: October 2004
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October 2004

1st Oct    Brasso Drawing
Credit to Natalie Dare for this drawing!

2nd Oct    M LOCK
of four outs?
Without wit
Without money
Without credit
Without manners

3rd Oct    Green Shed
I first spotted this shed from a Berry's coach on the journey up to London. It has taken me months to get over to Yeovilton to take this photograph.

4th Oct    Sharp Teeth

5th Oct    Navy Cut

6th Oct    Furry Boots

7th Oct    Surf Vans

8th Oct    Fish House

9th Oct    Bath Weir

10th Oct    Peat Pile

11th Oct    Sweet Victim

12th Oct    Olivia Riveting

13th Oct    For Sale

14th Oct    Sophie's Dreds

15th Oct    Pine Cone ?
'The Object Observed'
Flic has constructed this large pine cone
It stands about 120cm high

16th Oct    Butleigh or Glastonbury?

17th Oct    Autumn Acer

18th Oct    Street Sunset

19th Oct    Barbican Environs
A Day in London with the College.
We do the Graphics at
The Barbican
and the Prints at
The British Museum.
All a bit rushed unfortunately.

20th Oct    Mirror Image

21st Oct    Ten Skulls

22nd Oct    Brighter & Brighter
The Acer just seems to get better and better by the day.
Its very windy outside today, so I guess this will probably be the best day.

23rd Oct    Multi-Storey
Remind me never to park in the multi-storey car park in Taunton on a Saturday.
Today we took over an hour getting out of the place.

24th Oct    Morlands Factory

25th Oct    Autumn Cull
Salix caprea 'Pendula' The Kilmarnock willow is commonly grafted on the top of a straight stem about 1m high, a treatment that makes it look wholly artificial. Ours began to look far too top heavy so it was time to take it out.

26th Oct    John Peel
Rest in Peace

27th Oct    Red Crane
Butleigh Primary School has had a new temporary classroom delivered. It was swung into place by this huge red crane.

28th Oct    Blue & Yellow

29th Oct    Chepstow Cycling
A Weekend in the Forest of Dean

30th Oct    Oak Cube
A new piece on the Sculpture Trail

31st Oct    Tree Rings
On a walk from
Symonds Yat