antmanbee: Pre 2006 blogs in original small formats: date: January 2005
antmanbee anthony felton photo diary

January 2005

1st Jan    Five and Seven

2nd Jan    At Anna's
Anna is busy in the kitchen. Tea has been prepared for a group of photographers.
As she moves towards the camera Anna is transformed into an out of focus Giacometti sculpture.

3rd Jan    Final Evening
Its back to work for everybody tomorrow.
We hang on to the holiday with an enjoyable meal with friends.

4th Jan    The Fall

5th Jan    Life Drawing

6th Jan    Romulus %26 Remus
Photographed by the side of the A39 Wells to Bristol road, about three miles north east of Wells at Beechbarrow

7th Jan    Cleaning in Progress

8th Jan    An Offence

9th Jan    Pointy House
Pointy House at the Peat Moors Visitors Centre

10th Jan    Function Room

11th Jan    BodyZone Therapies

12th Jan    Distribution Centre

13th Jan    Shapwick Heath
Trish came round today and we talked blogging.
So Trish, this splash of colour is for you.

14th Jan    Spring Lambs
So does this mean that winter is over already?

15th Jan    Sorex Araneus
The common shrew or it might even be Sorex Minutus the pygmy shrew
All I know it was very small and in our loft space

16th Jan    White Socks
With my touring bike in for repairs today I was out on the Marin.
I really ought to get some of those high riding plastic mud guards to reduce the pressure on the washing machine.

17th Jan    Green Bench

18th Jan    Ripped Collage

19th Jan    Dave Clark
Another really good life drawing session with the Foundation students.
Olivia chose to do a portrait of Dave today, and he was so impressed that he has asked for a copy.

20th Jan    John Dory
One can find some strange things to photograph on Duncan's desk.

21st Jan    Blue and Green

22nd Jan    Red Van

23rd Jan    Peugeot Repairs
Chain ?9.50
RearGear ?14.95
Cassette ?18.99
Labour ?29.35

24th Jan    Tonal Drawing

25th Jan    I'm Lovin' It
c'est tout ce que j'aime love
iste bunu seviyorum love

26th Jan    Sappho

27th Jan    Sappho's Mother

28th Jan    Emily Sewing
Mass Produced
Urban Culture:
White shirt
Till receipts
Extender base
Black thread

29th Jan    Seed Pod

30th Jan    Orange, Black and White

31st Jan    Sea Horses
Its all gone a bit 'natural history'