antmanbee: Anthony Felton Photo Diary: Something Special, 1999 by Zoe Walker
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Something Special, 1999 by Zoe Walker  (Artworks)Friday February 16th (2018)
Friday February 16th (2018) Something Special, 1999 by Zoe Walker width=
Somewhere Special was the result of Scottish artist Zoe Walker’s residency in Australia. The exhibition consisted of a series of sculptures, videos and photographs depicting the artist in various scenarios including dressed as a kangaroo squatting at an outback watering hole, jumping off the tops of Scottish hills with a helium filled cloud balloon strapped to her back, and camped at Lake Eyre with a portable Scottish-styled mountain that she took with her as she explored the Australian landscape. By trying to make the unfamiliar familiar, Walker parodied her own attempts to come to terms with the Australian environment. Attempting a reconciliation between ludicrous European expectations and Antipodean reality, she highlighted the metaphorical baggage, ideas, expectations, fantasies and hopes which attend our travels, indeed those very things that keep us travelling.   Send a comment